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The Story Behind EPAM Systems’ New Canadian Office 

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The Story Behind EPAM Systems’ New Canadian Office 

When EPAM Systems came to Waterloo in 2021, they didn’t want to just land here and use it as a location to bring employees and hire new candidates from the local talent market. They saw the strength of the Waterloo ecosystem and community, and they wanted to be a part of it. “Not just to take from it, but to give back,” in Mark Samson’s words.

Mark is the VP of Delivery Management at EPAM Systems, a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company that partners with some of the world’s largest companies – including Microsoft, Google, SAP and Adobe. The company has 59,250+ employees, operates in 50+ countries and works in almost every industry.

We recently sat down with Mark to discuss EPAM’s presence in Canada, why they chose the Waterloo region, specifically, and how they’re already integrating into the community – including opening a new office in downtown Kitchener.

Here are the highlights from our conversation.

Knowing a Canadian business expansion could provide significant advantages for EPAM and new growth opportunities, it made good business sense to start exploring possible locations. So, what drew them to Waterloo?

It was the perfect location for EPAM to expand because “it fits with EPAM’s DNA,” Mark shared. The tech ecosystem, the breadth of up-and-coming engineering, math and computer science talent from the University of Waterloo and existing tech talent pool, and the start-up vibe made it a compelling choice.

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