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Six Big Waterloo Business Stories from 2021

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Waterloo EDC

Six Big Waterloo Business Stories from 2021

Waterloo had a big year in 2021. A record-breaking year.

We smashed existing records for new tech investment – driven by three of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada – and Waterloo EDC smashed its own records, helping welcome more than $360 million in new investment.

We also welcomed new leadership at multiple major local organizations, which heralded a reshuffling of strategies and partnerships to position the Waterloo community for its next era of growth.

Tech giant EPAM Systems joins the Waterloo ecosystem

In a record-breaking year for Waterloo EDC, you better believe there are some big new entrants in our community. Maybe the biggest is EPAM Systems. The company aims to add 100 people to the Waterloo location – including transfers from other locations – before the start of 2022 and have as many as 200 people working here by the end of next year.

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