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How To Create a Secure But Immersive Space for Gaming

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Spiceworks – by Vitalii Vashchuk

How To Create a Secure But Immersive Space for Gaming

The gaming market is massive. With multiple moving pieces, the risks to players’ safety have (also) never been more complex, discusses Vitalii Vashchuk, senior director and head of gaming solutions at EPAM Systems, Inc.

Thanks to the rising penetration of internet services, greater availability of games via the internet, and the proliferation of smartphones, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 12.9%, reaching USD 583.69 billion by 2030 Opens a new window. At the same time, the gaming industry, one of the earliest adopters, continues to drive the metaverse’s development. Advancements in AR and VR technologies will provide immersive 3D experiences for gamers while cryptocurrency and blockchain allow them to interact within Web3 economics. And with 2.9 billion gamers worldwide, the gaming community has never been more connected. 

Game developers and companies have the difficult task of securing the gaming ecosystem, which consists of an enormous and ever-growing library of user-generated content containing inappropriate and harmful materials. Sifting through this mountain is a herculean feat, yet gaming companies must also walk the tightrope of providing immersive, next-generation experiences while observing consumer protection laws. One tool which can help companies solve these evolving challenges is content moderation services. Game developers can utilize these services when designing and implementing a trust and safety strategy, empowering them to protect online communities without restricting engagement and creativity.    

Discover the five building blocks of a good trust and safety platform. Read the full article here.

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