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MACH Alliance brings its composable mission to B2B commerce

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Diginomica - By Phil Wainewright

MACH Alliance brings its composable mission to B2B commerce

The MACH Alliance, an industry organization promoting a composable approach to building web commerce and content sites, plans to expand its reach in the B2B sector.

Composable technology to enable more adaptable commerce and content platforms have swept into B2C brands and retailers in recent years. Many of the up-and-coming vendors and consultancies involved are members of the MACH Alliance, an industry body formed to both promote and certify technologies that espouse the four MACH principles underlying these new platforms — Microservices, API-first, Cloud-based SaaS and Headless. Now the organization's leading members believe the time is ripe to bring its composable architecture to the B2B sector.

Fresh from a two-day meeting of the organization's executive board, four of its members sat round a table with me in London earlier this month to talk about what they're seeing in the market, why they believe B2B commerce is ready to make the move to MACH technologies and operating models, and some of the challenges the next wave of adoopters may face along the way.

Tarek Nseir, Head of Digital Engagement, EMEA at digital consultancy EPAM Systems says:

In B2B in particular, there is an enormous deficit in understanding just the reality of the marketplace and the pace at which things are evolving. Also ... ability to attract talent is a huge deficit.

Nevertheless, the pace of transformation and investment in digital technology is becoming significant, he adds, and some early adopters are starting to reap the benefits. He says:

There are now an increasing number of success stories, substantial operating cost reductions in these B2B transformations, and so it does feel like the momentum is growing. The pressure in the economy really accelerates that.

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