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Unleash Speed and Flexibility with MACH

Meaning Modern Architecture, MACH enables you to choose technologies to specifically meet the needs of your business and customers.

With MACH, microservices and their corresponding APIs can be added or replaced, so you can ensure you are always using the right features for your needs. With its flexibility, you can extend or augment your existing architecture or de-risk a transition from an older ecosystem to one more suitable for your business needs. Since the technology is also cloud native, it’s scalable so you don’t have to wait for updates before you can deploy your next feature. Most importantly, it’s agile and designed to respond to change, allowing you to innovate quickly and inexpensively.

MACH also allows your business to open new lines of revenue quickly, rapidly prepare for future change, leverage best-of-breed tools and create superior experiences for your customers across all touchpoints.

In recent years, MACH has matured thanks to multiple market entrants that have extended their CX capabilities across technology stacks for both business users and end customers. The flexibility of MACH gives businesses a wider variety of enterprise technology paths to choose from to better serve their customers and address their organizational needs. 

As customer expectations evolve, companies need to become more proactive and agile – and their technology needs to evolve with them. Now is the perfect time to explore what MACH can do for your business. 

Selecting MACH as an architecture and understanding the MACH vendor landscape can be complex.

As an expert in large technology suites and MACH ecosystems, EPAM guides organizations through their tech stack optimization journey, helping them to realize the potential of previous technology investments while also advising on optimal structures.

Acting as an orchestrator between the main players of your unique MACH architecture, EPAM offers objective, technology-agnostic expertise to help you identify the best approach for your needs.

Choosing MACH is not just a technology decision, it’s an enterprise decision. EPAM’s integrated consulting teams provide business case development, change and product management, data and analytics solutions and customer experience services to support your successful adoption of MACH into your organization.

As a founding member of the MACH Alliance, we are helping to shape this exciting movement from the ground up. 

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Not sure if MACH is right for your business?

Adopting MACH can be as simple as replacing the front-end of your existing commerce and content management stack with a headless framework or as complex as adopting MACH fully as a new enterprise technology strategy. Whatever your decision, you will likely have questions about the architecture, the impact it will have on your business, the cost of ownership, the roadmap for your business, what technologies are right for you or how to build a business case for your organization. 

With EPAM’s integrated business consulting, customer experience design and solution architecture capabilities, we can help you answer these questions and more. 


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