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MACH Curious: Picking Your Partners

MACH Curious: Picking Your Partners 

Watch our fireside chat, facilitated by MACH Alliance at Shoptalk 2023, “MACH Curious: Picking Your Partners," where our very own Irina Yurevich, Head of CPG and Retail at EPAM, discusses winning MACH strategies of incorporating composable technology into a modern tech stack.

Key topics include:

  • The benefits of MACH for accelerating business transformation.
  • Advice for getting started and evaluating MACH options for your tech stack.
  • Project plans with evaluation criteria for choosing the right partner for your transformation journey.
  • Methods for gaining the support and buy-in of executives and key stakeholders.

Ready to compose a truly agile future? Visit our MACH hub page to learn more.

Meet the Speakers

Irina Yurevich

VP, Head CPG and Retail Business,
North America, EPAM

Casey Gannon

VP Marketing, Bold Commerce

Brian Walker

Chief Strategy Officer, Bloomreach


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