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EPAM + commercetools

commercetools offers a full suite of microservice-led, API-driven commerce services that are incredibly flexible. The commercetools platform can be easily extended and adapted to meet complex enterprise needs. For a business that has a mature development capability, unique challenges or wants to have a high level of autonomy and control over their commerce roadmap, the EPAM and commercetools partnership is a perfect fit. As two founding members of the MACH Alliance we are committed to the evolution of composable technology for better customer experience.

EPAM is a Global Premier Partner


Commerce Specialists

MACH Alliance

Founding members with commercetools – working together to free up technology

Global Solution Partner

Since 2018


Experienced commercetools Engineers

Industry Focus




Financial Services

Leisure and Hospitality

CPG and Manufacturing


Omni-commerce for B2B/B2C
Connected architectures
Multi-region deployments
Store systems
Managed hosting
Supply chain

Our Commitment to MACH

  • Strong relationships and historical partnerships across the MACH ecosystem
  • Track-record of creating MACH strategies for clients across multiple development experiences (Green field, Transformation, and Augmentation)
  • Successful delivery of MACH solutions to clients over the last 3 years
  • Deep engineering experience that merges MACH with incumbent/traditional architectures 
  • Founding member of the MACH Alliance

Not only is EPAM a fantastic commercetools implementation partner but EPAM brings the software development and engineering talent to make a MACH strategy a reality.”

Dirk Hoerig

CEO, commercetools