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EPAM + commercetools

commercetools offers a full suite of microservice-led, API-driven commerce services that are incredibly flexible. The commercetools platform can be easily extended and adapted to meet complex enterprise needs. For a business that has a mature development capability, unique challenges or wants to have a high level of autonomy and control over their commerce roadmap, the EPAM and commercetools partnership is a perfect fit. As two founding members of the MACH Alliance we are committed to the evolution of composable technology for better customer experience.

EPAM is a Global Premier Partner


Commerce Specialists

MACH Alliance

Founding members with commercetools – working together to free up technology

Global Solution Partner

Since 2018


Experienced commercetools Engineers

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Financial Services

Leisure and Hospitality

CPG and Manufacturing


Omni-commerce for B2B/B2C
Connected architectures
Multi-region deployments
Store systems
Managed hosting
Supply chain

Our Commitment to MACH

  • Strong relationships and historical partnerships across the MACH ecosystem
  • Track-record of creating MACH strategies for clients across multiple development experiences (Green field, Transformation, and Augmentation)
  • Successful delivery of MACH solutions to clients over the last 3 years
  • Deep engineering experience that merges MACH with incumbent/traditional architectures 
  • Founding member of the MACH Alliance

Not only is EPAM a fantastic commercetools implementation partner but EPAM brings the software development and engineering talent to make a MACH strategy a reality.”

Dirk Hoerig

CEO, commercetools

Case Study

Launched in Five Weeks: VitalAire’s Award-Winning Next-Gen Patient Portal Enhances CX

EPAM helped VitalAire launch a next-gen patient portal with the Acquia Cloud Platform, Drupal and commercetools.

Case Study

Creating a Digital Future with More Freedom for Burberry

EPAM helped Burberry design and implement MACH. Burberry’s new digital ecosystem enables the company to quickly implement creative ideas that enhance customer experience.

Increase Business Agility with Next-Gen Commerce Experience

Looking for a partner to build your commerce architecture of the future with the most flexible, cloud-based commerce API solution on the market?