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Women in MACH Panel

Women in MACH Panel

At EPAM, we feel obligated to motivate companies in the tech ecosystem to do more than just the basics when it comes to nurturing the success of women and advancing gender equity. We want to help the sector become more active contributors to diversity and inclusion (D&I), including gender equity, not simply because it’s right, but also because women play a crucial role in tech.

To support this initiative, our team sponsored MACH Haus New York during NRF and participated in the Women in MACH Panel, which we coproduced with the MACH Alliance. The panel included our own Kelly Brennan, who is a Solutions Architect at EPAM.

Watch the recording of this panel discussion now to learn:

  • How the MACH Alliance is charting the course to support gender equity within the tech environment
  •  How to address gender biases in the work environment
  • How to support women in the workplace through diversity and inclusion programs


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