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A Hackathon that Prototypes a More Inclusive Future

A Hackathon that Prototypes a More Inclusive Future 

Our recent event, Unveiling Bias: Forging Inclusive AI Solutions for Tomorrow Hackathon!, was an example of inclusivity in action. The hackathon was bias-busting made real: a collaborative, grassroots, human-centered event in which people from every level of the organization, a variety of disciplines and numerous points on the globe jumped in to create some outstanding prototypes.

Unveiling Bias was organized by the Women at EPAM Employee Group (EEG) and as we’re now in International Women’s Month, it’s an excellent time to consider the insights it afforded. The blog post below, by our Chief Communications Specialist Ken Gordon, captures wise commentary from some of the event’s creators, enthusiasts and judges.

If your organization is looking for a way to bring more people into AI, and to do so in a responsible and inclusive manner, you’d do well to scroll down and read the full piece.


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