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commercetools B2B Booster

Accelerate B2B Revenue Growth with This Composable Commerce Solution

To help you get your B2B eCommerce up and running rapidly, we have partnered with commercetools to create a B2B eCommerce Booster. This accelerator gives you complete freedom of choice and makes your business ready for any change. It is built on commercetools’ extensive set of B2B features and enhances and extends them to provide you with greater functionality that better aligns to your existing strategic platforms.

The B2B eCommerce Booster enables you to:

  • Deliver an end-to-end commerce experience at pace — with a ready-to-go set of features and functions that can be deployed and customized quickly
  • Compose a commerce stack tailored to your specific needs with the flexibility to choose and interoperate with any existing storefront solution or cloud platform provider, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Deliver superior sales and support experiences for your customers
  • Future-proof your business by increasing your ability to respond quickly to future changes in customer demands and market conditions

We are one of the world’s most experienced commercetools partners, with more than 45 successful implementations of the platform globally. Our B2B Booster is a testament to our ongoing investment in commercetools and the strength of our joint solutions on the market.

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“We’re seeing a growing number of B2B businesses adopt composable commerce to help accelerate their revenue growth and improve their business agility. What EPAM have built with the B2B Booster means that these businesses can achieve their goals faster and more effectively than ever before. The accelerator takes the composable architecture of the commercetools platform and augments it with enhanced capabilities which help our joint clients to sell more and provide better experiences to their business customers.”

Blaine Trainor
Vice President of Partnerships, commercetools


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