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Modernizing Graphics Production with Sodexo and EPAM Systems

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Modernizing Graphics Production with Sodexo and EPAM Systems

EPAM’s Tim Marsh joins Dr. Joe Hoffman, Global IT Retail Domain Owner at Sodexo, and Bram Verniest, founder of CHILI publish for a compelling conversation. EPAM works with clients like Sodexo to help them get the best out of their technology. Together, they offer insight into a fascinating case study of modernizing graphics production at an absolutely massive scale.

Are you in an organization struggling with antiquated systems that create inefficiencies and stunt growth? This can happen in your graphical production processes just like anywhere else, and it was happening at Sodexo – the food services & facilities management giant operating in 50 countries with a 400,000-strong workforce that serves 100 million meals a day.

Ditching the Dinosaur: A Fresh Face on Graphics Production

Now, put your antiquated systems behind you, and imagine a world where a complex task like generating highly tailored print for specific locations or creating specific barcodes for packaged goods is as simple as a drag-and-drop operation. This is the world that CHILI GraFx is shaping. And in episode 11 of our video podcast series, CHILIpulse, we dive deep into how Sodexo is now using CHILI GraFx to make graphical production inefficiencies a thing of their past.

Listen to the podcast here.