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The Banking & Payments Show: Digital Account-Opening Trends

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Insider Intelligence – by Rob Rubin and Tiffani Montez

The Banking & Payments Show: Digital Account-Opening Trends

In this The Banking & Payments Show podcast, we are talking about digital account opening trends, who’s opening bank accounts digitally and what they want or expect when going through that process. Here’s a look at what we’re talking about this week:

  • In our “Headlines” segment, we discuss how in-flight deposits and Gen Z will drive account openings in 2023 and to what extent new account openings are the result of high deposit rates and an incentive-laden environment.
  • In “Story by Numbers,” we examine how being able to set up direct deposit when consumers open checking accounts is extremely important and the importance of deposits being protected.
  • In “For Argument’s Sake,” we suppose there’s a new US banking regulation requiring all banking products to be applied for and opened online. We debate (nicely) how the industry dynamics would change if everything in banking were digitized and moved online.

Tune in to the conversation with host Rob Rubin, managing principal of financial services consulting at EPAM Alex Jimenez, and analyst Tiffani Montez.

Listen to the podcast here.

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