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The New Disruptor: Carnegie Mellon’s Cloud Lab ‘Automates’ Science

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University Business – by Alcino Donadel

The New Disruptor: Carnegie Mellon’s Cloud Lab ‘Automates’ Science

Carnegie Mellon University’s highly anticipated Cloud Lab will finally open its doors for student and faculty use in a soft opening in early July, and Glen de Vries Dean of the Mellon College of Science Rebecca Doerge is on a mission to make one thing clear.

The Cloud Lab isn’t a science project—it’s the future of science as we know it.

Pushing science into the Now

EPAM Systems, a product engineering company, helps its clients in education technology and beyond leverage cloud-based technology to expand its capabilities without sacrificing significant resources to infrastructure. He believes we must adopt emerging technologies to survive in a new digital landscape.

“Our society is fundamentally tied to technology and technology advancements. As educators, as facilitators of education and as a society, we need to embrace that approach and push students to learn technology—embrace it, learn it and figure out how to leverage it, because that’s where innovation comes from,” says Brian Imholte, Head of Education & Learning Services at EPAM Systems.

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