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Women Have Qualities That Make Them Great Leaders

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Times of India – by Vanita Aggarwal

Women Have Qualities That Make Them Great Leaders

Women are exploring various opportunities and carving successful careers in diverse fields, and their natural qualities inherently make them efficient professionals in different roles. Based on my 20 years of experience working in the IT industry, my advice to female professionals is threefold: 

  1. Leveraging Innate Abilities 
    Women are naturally gifted with qualities equipping them with essential leadership traits. They generally have a high emotional quotient making them empathetic in their conduct and being natural communicators enables women to co-create a more open culture at work. Such traits also contribute to a greater engagement level with employees, facilitating high team performance. Multitasking also comes inherently to women. It makes shouldering multiple responsibilities simultaneously and exceeding expectations an integral part of women’s natural work style. The affinity of women towards stability makes them dedicate more years to an organization, leading to a better understanding of the organizational culture. This understanding is critical for identifying gaps, required changes and appropriate time to bring a change in the company. 
  2. Breaking the Mold
    Women are excelling in diverse roles and professions, and they need to share their experiences and thoughts more openly.  Upskilling is essential to growth but breaking the mold is equally important. Instead of taking the conventional roles that female professionals are expected to fit in, women can build successful careers of their choice by finding new opportunities in areas they are interested.
  3. Ability to Take on Contemporary Roles
    Women are getting more support from their families and workplaces. This is enabling women professionals to delve into more demanding and unexplored career roles. The combination of growing support and the ability to adapt quickly presents a significant scope to the current generation of the female workforce. Women can capitalize on this by exploring contemporary roles that a fast-evolving market offers today.

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