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How Open Source Benefits Clinical Trials

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PharmaExec – by Greg Killian

How Open Source Benefits Clinical Trials

Many recognize that clinical trials can benefit from transformation–namely, digital transformation. For decades, various segments of this domain were unchanged. However, the acceleration of remote and digital engagement driven by factors such as the pandemic and the evolution of customer expectations has sparked a flame of innovation in the industry. Today, most plan to implement new technologies and adopt clinical trial models that are more patient-centric, as seen in the push for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs).

There are new technologies, particularly open source software, that will infuse much-needed innovation into clinical trials.

Why innovation is so important in clinical trials
Innovation is critical to getting more personalized and targeted medicines to market. In fact, the FDA encourages it, as seen with its release of two discussion papers that promote the use of AI and machine learning (ML) in drug development and manufacturing. With the FDA giving life science companies the proverbial green light, many are eager to pursue new approaches.

However, buying and implementing standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software will not be enough to drive disruptive innovation.

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