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How to Build and Enable an AI-Focused Engineering Team 

In the News – by Adam Auerbach

How to Build and Enable an AI-Focused Engineering Team 

With the rapid rise of disruptive technologies—most notably, artificial intelligence (AI)—every company needs to become a technology company. Consequently, this shift will cause engineering teams to undergo significant changes, not only in their composition but in how they perform their requisite tasks. To that end, companies should invest in the right tools to support AI-focused engineering teams, ultimately empowering overall business transformation.

The necessary ingredients to build the engineering team 

In the last decade, it was common for businesses to hire candidates primarily based on engineering talent alone. While exceptional Java or Python engineers are still helpful, there is an emerging preference for individuals with particular domain expertise. Companies want to deliver more client-centric solutions, which requires individuals with industry-specific knowledge and experience.

Businesses also need engineering teams that understand modern architectures and know how to build applications in the cloud. These teams must deliver on the constant increments of prototyping, hitting the market early and often. They should strive to save time by leveraging AI tools that can automate busy work, like writing code. Moreover, AI-focused engineering teams will need to be fast and agile. Traditionally, teams operated within two-week sprints; now, AI-enabled teams may only require one-week sprints.

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