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5 Challenges Facing Retail Media

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Total Retail – by Diana Abebrese and Liz Salway

5 Challenges Facing Retail Media

Only 41% of retailers find the current process for selling and buying retail media efficient. This insight has prompted discussions on how to continue its development, what’s working well and where the major pain points exist. To succeed, retailers must address five critical challenges halting progress on retail media’s potential.

1. Internal Politics and Change Management

Retail media faces hurdles in demonstrating its value to the broader business as an additional revenue stream and enhancing the customer journey. While most stakeholders are convinced of its worth, it is paramount to persuade them to invest time and resources, embrace innovative ideas and formats online and in-store, and make changes to their current ways of working. Creating a simple framework that requires little manual intervention and case-by-case approvals will help resolve this challenge.

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