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To Win the Brave New Digital Future, Brands Need Cohesive Omnichannel Strategies

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The Drum – by Ward de Kruiff

To Win the Brave New Digital Future, Brands Need Cohesive Omnichannel Strategies

Digital disruption reshapes commerce across platforms, says Ward de Kruiff of EPAM Continuum. As new technologies create a pivot-point, success lies in cohesive omnichannel experiences.

A new paradigm is emerging in the sphere of commerce. The unification of disparate strands – spanning from e-commerce to the nascent realms of gaming and spatial commerce – particularly with the advent of platforms like Apple’s Vision Pro holds great potential for brands. Nowhere is this shift felt more than in the realm of luxury and fashion.

The key to success is crafting experiences that transcend physical and digital boundaries. Omnichannel excellence is no longer a buzzword but a baseline expectation. Consumers seek seamless experiences, whether scrolling through mobile apps, browsing in a physical store, or engaging with a brand in an immersive game environment.

E-commerce, m-commerce, and Gen-Z

The journey began with e-commerce, a digital revolution that turned the entire internet into a potential storefront. But e-commerce is not just about online transactions; it’s about an ecosystem that supports customer journeys with rich content, virtual try-ons, and personalized services. It's a space where luxury fashion isn't just displayed but can be experienced.

The proliferation of smartphones has given birth to mobile commerce (m-commerce) and social commerce, transforming smartphones into shopping assistants. In social and m-commerce, the luxury experience is literally in the palm of a customer’s hand. It's instant, it's personal, and it's where digital-savvy customers are. The buzz yesterday was about building community with Gen-Z, hence brands entering the world of gaming commerce, a place where fashion often meets virtual reality.

Here, luxury brands are not just selling products but crafting experiences and stories. In-game fashion shows, virtual outfits for avatars, and interactive brand storytelling are the tip of the iceberg. Gaming commerce is about being present in a new market and also engaging with a new generation of consumers. With the introduction of platforms like Apple’s Vision Pro, spatial commerce will redefine how we perceive brand engagement.

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