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We recognize the need to act with urgency to conserve and protect our environment. We create innovative conservation solutions to offset our current footprint and plan for the future with agility, as we continue to strengthen our commitment to maintaining green practices throughout our business. As we work to move towards carbon neutrality, our careful planning represents an interconnected effort to lead our employees and our industry partners to a new standard of environmental responsibility. 

EPAM will partner with Carbon Footprint UK to reduce the effect of our Air carbon emissions by 50% through offsetting initiatives by 2025.

EPAM Named a 2022 Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Company.


We reuse, recycle and upcycle our end-of-life electronics and computers responsibly in partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions. Through our partnership, we not only ensure data security and lower logistics costs, but we also help create a global culture of environmental sustainability across our EPAM facilities.

By using recyclable materials in our offices, we significantly reduce our daily environmental impact while assisting our employees in developing healthy and sustainable habits. Our talented EPAMers have come up with countless ways to upcycle old materials, allowing them to be creative while positively contributing to their local communities and to environmental conservation.  


Our operations are informed by green practices that help us champion environmental responsibility. This includes a commitment to build all new offices according to the conservation standards of the most widely used green building rating system in the world, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We are proud that our office in Hyderabad, India was recently recognized with a Gold LEED rating based on our innovation in energy and environmental efficiency, including the use of sensor-based LED lighting and air conditioning, consolidation of all systems into one building management system (BMS), elimination of paper, an emphasis on natural rather than artificial light, and a pledge to uphold BIFMA and GREENGUARD certifications during construction. LEED certification criteria will continue to guide our sustainable growth in the future.


We are focused on upholding environmental responsibility with a keen eye on the future. We know that we need to accurately track our current carbon emissions and resource use to be able to take steps to reduce our footprint and act for good.  Since 2015, we’ve been working with Carbon Footprint UK to assess our environmental impact and significantly reduce the effect of our carbon emissions. This includes designing and implementing our own EPAM Carbon Footprint Calculator, which was created to show our employees how much of a difference we can make globally by making simple lifestyle changes to live more responsibly. Our offices highlight recycling and energy-efficiency initiatives at the local level, and we are seeking ways to reduce carbon contributions from corporate travel and other sources as we work towards carbon neutrality.