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Developer Masterclass: Behavior Tracking for Personalizing Content With a Headless CMS

14 Sep 2021
Digital Event
9am PT | 12pm ET | 6pm CET


Software Engineer

Join our developer masterclass on agile personalization: a deep dive into how we built a fully personalized omnichannel experience in under 4 sprints (Project "CUE") using behavior tracking to personalize content with a headless CMS. We'll show you the architecture and the code - a full tour of serving personalized content on websites, apps, or any other omnichannel experiences.

Join senior developers Maksym Hordiienko (EPAM), Nick Barron (Contentstack) and Tony Mamedbekov (Uniform) to learn about:

  • How we built the full experience using NextJS, Uniform, and Contentstack
  • How content personalization is set up and interfaces with the headless CMS
  • How we made it work via web, PWA, and push notifications