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EPAM + SAP Hybris

EPAM is a trusted SAP Hybris partner and a leading provider of eCommerce software implementation for some of the world’s leading companies.

EPAM is a Proud SAP Hybris Silver Partner

Since 2010, our partnership has resulted in the creation of numerous connectors, accelerators, microservices, add-ons and new features developed to deliver value across all channels.

EPAM is also a leading contributor to the Hybris Extend Marketplace.



Delivered Projects


Satisfied Customers


Dedicated Hybris Specialists


Hybris Certifications Obtained

EPAM’s SAP Hybris Capabilities

Consulting Services

  • Ecommerce/Retail Strategy
  • Strategy & Business Consulting
  • SAP Hybris Product Evolution & Roadmap
  • Architecture Design & Review
  • User Experience Strategy & Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Personalization Strategy & Execution
  • Analytics, Testing & Optimization
  • Program Design & Execution
  • Project Rescue
  • Project Auditing & Assessments

Implementation Services

  • Ecommerce Architecture
  • YaaS Microservice Development
  • Backend & 3rd Party Integrations
  • Test Automation
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • SAP Hybris Upgrades
  • SAP Backend Systems
  • SAP Hybris Extend Marketplace Extension Development
  • End-to-End Implementation
  • PCM Data Management
  • ERP & Order Management
  • Pricing & Promotions Management
  • Cockpit Configuration, Extension,
    Customization & Creation
  • SEO

Support Services

  • Development Operations
  • Managed Hosting
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Ongoing Enhancements
  • Support & Maintenance
  • SAP Hybris Backend User Training


Spark for SAP Hybris

Looking for the spark you need to quickly implement SAP Hybris with custom features and functionality? Spark for SAP Hybris serves as a ready-to-go starter kit that includes the latest version of SAP Hybris, reference infrastructure setup, and a set of extensions for key eCommerce functions and integrations.


SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) provides developers and businesses with a next generation, cloud-based microservices platform to build and share SAP Hybris features that can be integrated on-demand. EPAM is a leader in the area, contributing microservices such as Product Comparison and Ratings & Reviews.

ADAM Digital Asset Accelerator

The ADAM connector enables automatic syncing of updated digital marketing materials from ADAM DAM to SAP Hybris, reducing time to market.

Translation Connector

EPAM built a SAP Hybris connector for Smartling, a translation software that helps brands manage global content.

Payment Connectors

The Amazon, Skrill, and Stripe payment connectors allow digital wallets to be integrated into sites’ carts, mini-carts, and checkout engines.


By integrating iBeacon with SAP Hybris, retailers are able to provide personalized, location-based promotional content to help increase in-store conversions.

SAP Hybris Marketing Connector

Optimize your SAP Hybris stack today with our SAP Hybris Marketing + SAP Hybris Commerce connector, which enables new use cases and seamless data exchange.

SAP Hybris Plugin for Eclipse

For SAP Hybris developers using Eclipse, EPAM has created a new tool for the platform to increase productivity, ease navigation of Hybris code, and reduce mistakes.

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Ready to upgrade your SAP Hybris installation or start fresh with new software for your storefront? Contact us and our Hybris experts will be in touch soon!