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Accessibility as a Business Imperative: How to Enable a More Inclusive Future

One billion people1 in the world have accessibility needs, according to The World Bank.

Nearly everyone experiences a disability at some point in their lives. That could include a permanent disability, like blindness or hearing loss, or a temporary one, like a broken arm or a concussion.

Inclusive design in the physical and digital worlds means doing more than meeting compliance. It requires understanding that people’s needs change based on the context they’re operating in — and that context isn’t, and never has been, one-size-fits-all.

Imagine a world in which everyone can always use your products, where people don’t feel like their needs are being accommodated as an afterthought but are integral to the blueprint itself. Acknowledging the unique realities of your customers and employees isn’t just kind — it’s essential.

In the United States alone, 26% of adults are living with a disability. That’s 61 million people with a disposable income of $500 billion to spend on goods and services.

In this white paper, we study a fictitious company's use of our Accessibility Companion Tool (ACT), which can help brands in any industry evaluate their products' accessibility, recommend improvements and track feedback from consumers.

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