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EPAM Spain Teams Up with the Local Tech Community at Málaga Tech Games

EPAM Spain Teams Up with the Local Tech Community at Málaga Tech Games

EPAM Spain participated in the third annual Málaga Tech Games. Combining the fun of a sports competition to strengthen the local tech community, the Málaga Tech Games is rightfully considered one of the year's most anticipated events.

What makes Málaga Tech Games one of the most anticipated events in Andalusia?

The Málaga Tech Games (MTG) is an annual sporting event that brings together members of leading tech firms in Spain. Its mission is to foster ties between participating companies and build genuine connections between tech professionals from the rapidly growing industry across the city.

What began as a lighthearted interaction among tech startups in 2022 rapidly evolved into a full-scale sporting event, with the most recent edition uniting nearly a thousand participants.

Unfolding over a spring weekend, the Games offer a distinctive team-building experience for each participating company. Echoing the exhilarating spirit of the Olympics, the competition spans over ten team sports cleverly adjusted to suit the event format and purpose: 

  • 5-a-side football
  • 3-on-3 basketball
  • volleyball
  • darts
  • video games
  • padel tennis
  • tennis
  • ping-pong
  • swimming
  • chess 
  • table football 

Most qualifying matches occur on Saturday. On Sunday, participants are invited to bring their friends and family to witness the thrill of the finals and award ceremony. 

Competing to give back

Notably, MTG is an event organized by volunteer representatives from each participating company, with significant involvement from Deporte y Empresa, a local entity specializing in sports event management. 

Traditionally, Málaga Tech Games has a charitable purpose. We extend a special thank you to Paelleros Sin Fronteras for their involvement. The funds raised by serving a giant paella at the event are allocated to support AVOI, an association of volunteers from Málaga that helps children receive treatment in the Maternal and Child Hospital.

EPAM's journey to the Games and the impact on our team

EPAM Spain first appeared at the second edition of the Games in 2023, an experience that deepened our integration into the local tech community and vibrant Spanish culture.

We saw the birth of well-being clubs within the company through our participation. These internal communities brought together colleagues with shared interests in various sports, including football, padel tennis, tennis, volleyball and basketball. The ties formed during the Games continued strengthening as our teams trained together for subsequent MTG editions. 

Our approach has evolved from a singular focus on winning to a more holistic one of enjoying the event. We make a point of finding gratitude in the good food, nice weather, and great company. In essence, this event brought us together the “Spanish way.”

Our shift from competitive to community building is seen in our latest video, which showcases the team's preparation for the third edition of the Games with a touch of self-irony:

What was unique about the third annual Málaga Tech Games?

The Games registered a record number of participants, with 950 employees from 15 companies based in Málaga. 

One highlight was the significant increase in female participation, which doubled since the program's first year. This year, an impressive 32 percent of participants were female, compared to a modest 16 percent recorded in the first year.

Intense competition and a winning team

Despite rainy weather on the first day of the Games, intense competitions across 11 sports disciplines resulted in 735 matches.

The EPAM Spain team had 50 participants, full of spirit and stellar performances across five disciplines:

  • Volleyball (mixed) - 1st place
  • Table tennis (male) - 1st place
  • Swimming - 2nd place
  • Table football (male) - 2nd place
  • Football 5x5 (male) - 2nd place

Beyond the trophies, EPAMers truly cherished the sense of camaraderie and the lasting bonds they formed with the broader tech community in Málaga.

Check out the recap video to revisit the excitement of the day!

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