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Agility and trust lead to successful leadership at EPAM

Agility and trust lead to successful leadership at EPAM

Adrian Solca, Director of Experience Design for EPAM Latin America, has a long and storied career in tech. 

During his journey, he discovered critical insights into being a leader, finding purpose and embracing his teammates' ideas.

He manages a team specializing in UX, visual design, interaction design, and many other disciplines in multiple countries. How did he get here? How is he ensuring his team is blazing a trail in experience design? We’ve talked with Adrian, and he shares his secret to success with us. 

Acquiring memorable experiences

From a young age, Adrian has been passionate about technology. In his early years, his father got him a computer, which led to a lifelong passion for everything related to IT — from playing video games to developing software. 

He started his professional journey in advertising as an Information Architect and Strategic Planner for digital media projects. While he was highly proficient in these areas, he wanted more. 

Adrian sought something transcendental beyond sales and focused more on tech communities, mentoring start-ups, and even financial services. For that purpose, he founded UX Mexico, a community where design professionals exchange knowledge and best practices to create better experiences for their current companies in order to ensure the highest level of quality for them

The goal was always to challenge the status quo and create solutions that improved lives and solved real-world problems. This approach has been a critical philosophy behind his professional choices, driving him to strive for positive change. 

Adrian has been a part of multiple international events, giving him a different perspective on design and leadership.

Designing leadership success

While the title “designer” has become the quick way for Adrian to describe himself, he is so much more.

He identifies himself as a person fully invested in the world of tech. However, when it came to choosing a career, he wanted to focus on creating empathy in the world of software. He wanted to connect people to the creative vision of everyone involved in the process. The goal was to create software that was both functional and a memorable experience.

At EPAM, he found the chance to not only contribute to this vision but also to lead a team that’s making it happen.

“EPAM knows they can’t micromanage, that they can’t put everyone in the same box,” shares Adrian. “They give you the tools and empower you to work on those tools. It’s all about working with what you have, to achieve the desired objectives.”

Of course, he also mentions that this is a huge responsibility. You must live up to this trust and take advantage of the respect and liberty that the company gives you.

Adrian’s team is dedicated to making simple software solutions memorable and efficient experiences.

Multiple visions, one goal

Adrian’s team operates in five countries across Latin America. While every team member could be labeled a “designer,” they all have different experience levels, skills and expertise.

Respecting each team member's diversity and individuality has become one of Adrian’s biggest priorities during his tenure at EPAM.

“Everybody brings what they like and love about design, regardless of their years of experience or location,” says Adrian. “We’ve created a culture that allows everyone to bring their best self to the table, and people are noticing the incredible talent of Latin American people.”

Success is about collaboration

When Adrian started this team, one of his goals was to create a stage where everybody could perform their best, feel comfortable in their unique abilities and be their most creative.

The quality of every project and product this team produces goes to show they have not only reached this goal but exceeded it.

In the beginning, Adrian’s team was made of seemingly disparate parts. Acquisitions and growth brought together a diverse group of talent and getting all these people together proved challenging. However, it has led to solid business outcomes while giving the team a sense of purpose and meaning in everything they do.

Elevating those around you.

For people who want to become managers and leaders in the tech world, Adrian has some valuable advice, “Practice helping the people around you to be successful. Being a leader goes beyond technical skills; it’s also about helping your colleagues grow.” He adds, “This is a trait that EPAM values. We value the tools you have for creating collective success.”

To close the interview, Adrian highlights the power of visualization. For him, knowing what kind of manager you want to be and having a clear perspective and ideas of where you want your team to go are the keys to success. EPAM will help you and give you the tools to make your dream happen.

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