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How to Become an Effective Leader and Inspire Your Team to Grow

How to Become an Effective Leader and Inspire Your Team to Grow

Effective leadership has the power to inspire people in pursuing their dreams and reaching their full performance potential. 

To accomplish this, a leader should unify teams with a shared vision, foster collaboration and identify everyone’s unique strengths to make the full use of them. How do you put all of this in practice? Let’s hear from Mihai Tudoran, Service Delivery Manager at EPAM Romania, for his perspective. 

First, can you tell us about your passion for the tech world? 

I love technology because it’s a world that continuously changes. Using it at its full potential gives me the chance to support companies from different industries in achieving remarkable things. For example, here in EPAM Romania, customer projects give us the opportunity to be a part of something greater and bigger than our own organization. I’m grateful for this opportunity. Every project I am involved in pushes me to learn new methods, practices, applications and, in some cases, high-end technologies. I have the opportunity to meet, collaborate and problem solve with fantastic people from around the world who have unique perspectives and ideas.   

What drove you into the Delivery Management world? What has been your journey as a leader? 

I became a true IT leader four years ago when my EMEA chief information officer (CIO) offered me the position. My first reaction was fear. At that time, there were 32 people on different IT streams who all needed my guidance and help. They were lacking motivation; things were not done properly and there were a lot of business escalations. Long story short, it was a mess.  

That was when I became interested in coaching and leadership and started to research these topics. Having a mentor and applying different methods and principles made me realize that I love coaching. I started to practice my own leadership style built on trust, communication and empathy.  

What is the most exciting part of your work? 

The most exciting part of my work is helping my colleagues grow inside the company and inspiring them to develop and put into practice new skills to achieve greater results and love the work they are doing. 

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