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Jaime Aldana: Going Beyond What’s Possible

Jaime Aldana: Going Beyond What’s Possible

When Jaime Aldana, Country Manager for Mexico, joined EPAM more than seven years ago, his role was simple. He was going to be the head of the Cloud and DevOps unit. However, he found way more than he was expecting. He discovered a company where he could thrive and evolve, with a team dedicated to delivering the highest quality software solutions and, more importantly, a path toward professional success.

Today, he’s sharing his insights on EPAM, reflecting on his time working here, and explaining what makes this company the best place for anyone looking to become a leader in the world of technology. 

“From my perspective, I used to think I had limits regarding what I could accomplish. EPAM allowed me to challenge them and exceed them,” shares Jaime. “From a more collective standpoint, I’ve loved contributing to all the areas of EPAM Mexico and watching how people help them evolve and improve their original creations. Watching someone improve on something you’ve built and improve it is incredibly satisfying.”

When it comes to what makes EPAM an excellent place for people looking to be at the head of a team of engineers, Jaime describes the process as being handed the keys to a nice car. The company gives you complete trust and all the tools you need to ‘drive a project’ to its intended destination.

Leaders must take advantage of this freedom and the boundless confidence that EPAM places upon them. The secret is to know how to take advantage of that freedom, surround yourself with the right people, and not shy away from the challenge. 

The goal of every leader in the tech world should always be excellence. Part of what makes EPAM unique is the flexibility and openness between all team members. It’s collaborative, and every person’s voice matters at every level. Everybody at EPAM contributes to that dialogue that leads to the creation of amazing ideas. It’s not just about conceiving the next great innovation; it’s about sharing those ideas with the team so they can evolve. That's the only way to achieve permanent, long-lasting change and develop something beyond the limits of what we believe is possible.

For Jaime, when someone joins our delivery team, the highlight becomes achieving a high degree of specialization. At EPAM, you’ll become a true expert in a particular tool or industry. We also have a talented team that's knowledgeable and willing to share that information and mentor the newer team members. This allows people to grow faster in their soft and hard skills than in any other place.

Being a leader at EPAM means being at the center of an ever-changing environment while having the tools you need and the talented team members necessary to conquer every challenge that’s presented.

If this sounds like a great idea, and you want to take the lead toward a new professional horizon , visit for more information.