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Democratizing Your Data: The Key to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Data has long been the key to unlocking solutions to a wide array of challenges found in the insurance industry. With the availability of data increasing at a remarkable rate, the focus now firmly shifts towards how to best organize, assess and use this information at your organization.

For many, this challenge still very much remains a work in progress, and an expensive one at that. Insurers dedicate a vast amount of resources to data management, often with less success than expected. However, by leveraging new technologies and equipping employees with the appropriate tools, companies can democratize their data and become a truly data-driven organization. Watch this webinar to hear how the leaders of the industry are doing exactly that.

This webinar will address:

  • What are the key challenges blocking insurers from harnessing the potential of data?
  • What are the key tools that companies can implement in this endeavor?
  • How can you establish a company culture that embodies a data-driven approach?
  • Which KPIs and assessments can be done to examine progress?


Lisa Wardlaw
Chief Strategy Officer, McKenzie Intelligence Services

Steven Abel
Managing Director, EPAM

Pardeep Bassi
Head of Data Science Propositions, WTW

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