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Executive Insights on Retail Banking Trends

Over the past year, we have been tracking seven global trends that we see as vital to the evolution of the retail banking industry: personalized experiences, API-enabled banking, Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), infrastructure future-proofing, data-driven banking, impact of regulation and cybersecurity.

What makes these trends fascinating is that they are not mutually exclusive and in fact many of them work hand-in-hand. For example, for a bank to successfully provide personalized experiences, it must use its data appropriately and have the appropriate modern infrastructure that can scale for the future.

To help shed some important light on how these trends are actively shaping the retail banking industry, we worked alongside our partners at Adobe to commission a survey of banking executives from a variety of financial institutions across the country. Conducted by BWG Strategy, this survey explores these seven trends from the perspective of banking executives, exploring where they intend to prioritize future investments and the concerns that are garnering the majority of their attention. The results are nothing short of fascinating and should help banks understand where they need to focus their efforts if they’re intent on building a lasting competitive advantage. Take a look for yourself.

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