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VR/AR Molecular Visualization Apps

VR/AR Molecular Visualization Apps

The team at EPAM Life Sciences has developed two new applications that take advantage of virtual and augmented reality technology to give scientists a better way of viewing, studying, and exploring the nuances of molecular structure. Watch the video demos below to explore the applications for yourself!

VR Molecular Explorer

The VR Molecular Explorer gives scientists and researchers a face-to-face, interactive look at molecular structure, utilizing HTC Vive hardware to immerse the user in a world of molecular magic.

AR Molecular Viewer

The AR Molecular Viewer allows the user to visualize a molecule in an animated, realistic environment. It utilizes a QR code to act as an anchor for the virtual image.

Learn More About EPAM VR/AR

Whether you’d like to learn more about the apps featured above or discover how EPAM could create a custom VR/AR app for your brand, we hope you’ll get in touch with us.