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RDK-V: Become the Hub of Home Connectivity with this Open Source Solution

Consumers are frustrated and fatigued with all of today’s available media and entertainment options. What if you could aggregate everything in one place for them? You can with RDK-V.

Reference Design Kit for Video (RDK-V), when built using EPAM’s Lightning Reference UI, will transform the way consumers interact with your product. This two-minute demo shows you how.

Become the hub of home connectivity: 

  • Create a more immersive user experience that drives customer engagement, satisfaction and brand loyalty  
  • Innovate and bring new products and services to market faster  
  • Enable customers to navigate seamlessly between thousands of content items across scheduled linear content and video-on-demand platforms, as well as between various media, gaming and smart home solutions

With the rapid number of challengers entering today’s over-the-top market, multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) are facing increasing pressure to provide an enriched, holistic customer experience for their video products. To stay competitive, MVPDs must reduce time to market and offer flexible services. RDK-V, in combination with EPAM’s Lightning Reference UI, enables users to choose from various technology platforms. Watch this two-minute demo to learn how.

Meet the Expert

Robert Koch 

Robert Koch is the Head of Media & Entertainment at EPAM. Over the last decade, he and his team have helped pioneer several digital video technologies widely used today and have launched some of the world’s largest media platforms.


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