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Forget About Build Versus Buy; Your Choice Is Customize Or Compose

Forget About Build Versus Buy; Your Choice Is Customize Or Compose

This Forrester report includes insights from EPAM’s Balazs Fejes, President of EU and APAC Markets, about the need to reframe build-versus-buy choices in the digital era.

Build it or buy it? Ask any AD&D decision-maker how the company brings in new software solutions, and the starting point will be some version of that question. This simple framing is handy but is usually based on outdated assumptions and wishful thinking about software and digital business. For an effective digital enterprise, pure buy doesn’t exist, and pure build is often impractical. The real question for any given software decision is: Shall we customize a packaged app or compose software components to obtain the custom solution we need?

According to Forrester, software must be part of a future fit technology strategy that enables a company to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet customers’ and employees’ future needs. Apps must deliver differential value, which is anything that affects the customer in a positive way. This need is pushing the pendulum toward building software, and even firms that prefer to buy solutions find themselves building like never before.

Balazs Fejes was one of several experts interviewed for the Forrester report. In the report he shares his thoughts on the customization required when purchasing software and how important customization is when it “touches” the customer.

To learn more about the factors involved when buying business software and the need to blend customization and composition to create the best solutions, download your complimentary copy of the report.

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