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New Opportunities Driving Digital Transformation for Claims Organizations

Claims Organizations are Exploring Emerging Technologies and Solutions to Solve Their Transformation Challenges

Carriers are implementing multiple solutions to drive transformation of the claims organization. This includes shifting away from only replacing legacy platforms and moving toward a multi-faceted approach, pursuing concurrent solution development and implementation.

Increased focus has been observed across the industry in seven key technology and solution areas:

Experience Design

With a philosophy of anytime, anywhere, any device – carriers are redefining the claims experience – for both external and internal users. Claims has become a growth engine, through retention, and experience is a significant driver.

Predictive/Decision Engines

Cognitive AI capabilities and unprecedented access to third-party data are enabling claims decision models to handle more automates, no-touch, low-touch, processes which only requires used intervention for fall outs or where ad hoc auditing is required.

Innovation Labs

Carriers are developing innovation mindsets across the enterprise that promotes “learning fast” by pursing pilots and implementing impactful solutions at scale with confidence.

New Technology

Emerging technology solutions are being utilized across the claim lifecycle to drive increased accuracy and efficiency by refocusing handlers on core adjusting activities and eliminating or automating non-core transactions.

Creating Ecosystems

Orchestrated ecosystems allow carriers to leverage best-in-class capabilities and technologies across the organization to enhance or replace legacy platforms and provide seamless experiences to customers and their workforce.

Talent Enablement
& Change Management

Retaining, upskilling and attracting new talent is critical as the workforce evolves and the role of claims professionals is being reimagined in the context of modern ecosystems and processes.


Leveraging components of the emerging industry trends; insurers will see a shift from policy providers to proactive risk advisors, providing risk mitigation and loss avoidance services that enable the next-gen insurer.

Often these solutions are pursued as siloed efforts, however when pursued holistically they enable broad claims transformation and support proactive, continuous risk advisory and loss prevention.

This post is the second in a series. To review the emerging challenges in claims transformation, be sure to read the previous blog.


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