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Digital Trends that Drive Composable Commerce – Part 1

Digital Trends that Drive Composable Commerce – Part 1

EPAM ‘s panel style discussion includes key considerations businesses should make before implementing composable commerce and how to best operationally manage it. The talk features insights from Jake Athey, Acquia's Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and Michael Scholz, commercetool’s Vice President of Product & Customer Marketing.

In part 1, listen to Brian Gilmore, EPAM’s Head of Growth for MACH and Acquia in North America, discuss how to stay agile and adaptable with composable commerce. It includes questions and answer to the following:

  • What is composable commerce?
  • What is the Acquia + commercetools accelerator and how does it benefit organizations?
  • What considerations should a brand be making if they are trying to embark on the composable commerce journey?
  • How do you manage composable commerce from the operations side?
  • There is an increasingly complex landscape of emerging technologies, service providers, devices and customer touchpoints. How are companies navigating that today?
  • What are your key takeaways from the discussion on the digital trends that are driving composable commerce?


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