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Making Customer Experience Seamless: Playbook for the Omnichannel Retailer

As humans, our needs and behaviors are changing rapidly, accelerated at the pace of technology. To survive in the new world of retail, organizations need to be as nimble as their digital rivals, while leveraging core competitive advantages that cannot be replicated. 

These new omnichannel retailers take the shape of versatile decathletes, their business agility enabled by flexible capabilities, technologies and processes.   ​

Download EPAM Continuum’s playbook for the omnichannel retailer. It includes:

  1. Guidance on the four key components to set and achieve an omnichannel vision
  2. Commentary on key retail challenges
  3. Advice on structuring your digital operating and capabilities model
  4. Tools to prioritize omnichannel investment

Omnichannel Vision

Setting a lighthouse for customer centered value creation

Outcome: Organizational aligment around the direction of travel

Product Strategy & Portfolio

Identify critical investments weighted by impact/effort

Outcome: A fact-based, effort/impact portfolio and prioritization model for flexible investment around the direction of travel

Digital Business & Operating Model

Enabling omnichannel value delivery with speed, efficiency and scale

Outcome: Adaptive retail organization at speed and scale

Omnichannel Capabilities

Combining people, processes and MACH technology

Outcome: Future-ready capabilities and technology

Discover how to make omnichannel a reality in your organization.

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