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Bringing Cloud IR Readiness Down to Earth

Bringing Cloud IR Readiness Down to Earth

If you’re in the cloud, you need to be up to date with cloud incident response (IR). This is the message we received from talking with Ron Konigsberg, Co-Founder and CTO of Gem, and our guest on Silo Busting. In the episode, Konigsberg and Sam Rehman, EPAM’s Chief Information Security Officer and SVP, are questioned, relentlessly, by Aviv Srour, our Head of Cyber Innovation about how IR is different when it drifts into the cloud. For one thing, Konigsberg says, attackers “adopt innovation faster than defenders.” Unlike the good guys, they have fewer dependencies and they “care less about breaking things.” Rehman, for his part, talks about the importance of taking “shared responsibility between you and the cloud provider.” Listen to our experts and gain an understanding of the role of prioritization, the right tools and the proper cloud IR mindset. Listen up, and get your head into the cloud! 


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