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Silo Busting 31: Putting Digital Experience Design to the Test with Philip Soffer & Jonathan Lupo


If you’re developing software in 2021, you need to ensure that (a) it’s properly, thoroughly and quickly tested; and (b) it’s designed to meet the needs of the people who are using it. And the most intelligent software developers have their testing and digital people engage in deep dialogue with each other. We know this because that’s what happening in our organization—and on this episode of Silo Busting.

Sit back and listen to Philip Soffer, EPAM’s VP of Product-Service Systems, and Jonathan Lupo, our VP of Experience Design, draw a spoken-word diagram where these two essential elements of digital design overlap. “A benefit of automated testing and analytics,” says Lupo, is that “we don’t have to create these moments in a product lifecycle for testing, validation.” These, he says, “can be happening continuously, in real time.” It’s all about merging the power of automated testing and the human wisdom of designers. Now plug in those earbuds; you won’t fail to learn something important.