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Silo Busting 15: Anshu Sharma and Sam Rehman on Zero-Trust Data Vaults

  • Cybersecurity
  • Software & Hi-Tech

Data sharing in the COVID era is a matter of the highest seriousness—and a topic of great concern of the latest guest in our #CybersecurityByDesign episodes of Silo Busting. Anshu Sharma, CEO and Found of Skyflow, says: “All of this information needs to flow, but we have to be able to do this without compromising anybody’s privacy. This is not an unsolvable problem. The sad part is, a lot of people think this is unsolvable but I think it’s totally solvable with today’s technology. If we solve this problem, we can save a lot of lives.” Listen as he explains to Sam Rehman, our Chief Information Security Officer and SVP, about how zero-trust security vaults enable this to happen.