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The Resonance Test 70: Exploring the Data Loop with John Reardon

  • Insurance

One of the challenges organizations face when they think about their data ecosystem is considering and treating data as a linear process. Data is more than business intelligence (BI) dashboards, machine learning algorithms or data projects. In our latest episode of The Resonance Test, John Reardon, VP & Senior Director of Global Risk Solutions Technology at Liberty Mutual Insurance talks with Val Tsitlik, EPAM’s Head of Big Data Practice and VP of Technology Solutions about how they consider data as a loop.

John shares how Liberty Mutual uses the loop to unlock data to make it accessible, enable self-service tooling and operationalize the insights that the loop brings. Val notes that this mindset enables organizations to look at their data “holistically…as a continuous process.”

Take a listen to two data-driven experts who answer questions from Dmitry Grinberg, Managing Principal of Technology Solutions at EPAM.