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The Resonance Test 77: The Data Paradox with John Reardon, Val Tsitlik and Sam Rehman

  • Insurance

Data has never been more important for companies, and yet it’s also never been more important to protect the privacy of data. It’s what John Reardon, VP & Senior Director of Global Risk Solutions Technology at Liberty Mutual Insurance calls the data paradox.

In this episode of The Resonance Test, John talks with Val Tsitlik, EPAM’s Head of Big Data Practice and VP of Technology Solutions, and Sam Rehman, EPAM’s Chief Information Security Officer, about the nuances of the data paradox and what it means to them.

In this conversation, the trio discuss the need for anonymization and synthetic data in an ever-growing regulatory environment. Take a listen to these three points of view on the challenges that organizations are facing when it comes to the data paradox and their ideas on how to solve them.