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Web3 vs. the Metaverse with Sasha Pitkevich & Cristina Garcés

Web3 vs. the Metaverse with Sasha Pitkevich & Cristina Garcés

Do you need to figure out your organization’s Web3 and metaverse strategy? Is it possible that some reliable and clear information here would allow you to move forward? This episode of Silo Busting will be a tremendous help. Alexandra "Sasha" Pitkevich, EPAM’s Blockchain Lead, and Cristina Garcés, CEO of Optiva Media (an EPAM company), explain — in clear conversational language — how the two work together for businesses. They discuss that a virtual standalone community is not a metaverse, the vulnerabilities created by the metaverse as well as how these new online environments complicate data sharing and intellectual property rights. They introduce the central concept of interoperability and note the key role of community managers going forward. Listen and then take what you’ve learned back to your people. 


  1. Seeking an essential understanding of Web3? Then dig into this definitional dialogue between Sasha Pitkevich and Érica Moreti.
  2. Ward De Kruiff differentiates between what is, and what is not, the metaverse.
  3. Those with an interest in retail, CPG, and the metaverse should beam into the lively three-way conversation of The Metaverse Scorecard.
  4. In this post, Vitalli Vashchuck writes about creating a safe and trustworthy metaverse for gamers.
  5. David Rose, our friend and author of SuperSight: What Augmented Reality Means for Our Lives, Our Work, and the Way We Imagine the Future, has a few metaverse-centered ideas you might want to hear.
  6. Get an earful of the playful metaverse musings of Ricardo Álvarez, MIT researcher and co-author of Urban Play: Make-Believe, Technology, and Space.


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