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Designing Next-Generation Banking Experiences

Whether you’re a FinTech challenger or an established global bank, the landscape for finance has undeniably transformed, and with it, so have customer expectations.

Watch our latest webinar as our panel of experts discuss:

  • How the banking landscape is evolving
  • What traditional consumer banks can learn from neobanks—and vice versa
  • What ubiquitous banking is and why we need it
  • How to design experiences that put the customer at the heart of their financial world

Guest Speakers

Editor, FinTech Alliance

Olivia is the Editor of FinTech Alliance, a government-backed digital engagement platform that brings together the UK FinTech ecosystem. Having previously launched FinTech Magazine, she curates content around the changing world of finance and is an advocate for financial education and inclusion.

Associate Director, Experience Design, EPAM Europe 

Tom has a wide-ranging career in digital and design with a specialization in finance, thanks to his background working with FinTech start-ups and traditional banking platforms. At EPAM, he conducts user research and testing, leads design workshops and helps to create beautiful and meaningful design experiences. He regularly hosts talks and YouTube videos about the curious and exciting future of artificial intelligence, digital design and virtual reality.

Phil Wilce
Creative Director, EPAM Europe 

Phil has been leading creative for some of the world’s biggest brands for over 20 years. His experience spans advertising, branding and customer experience—from defining innovative start-up brands, like Atom bank, to re-imagining the digital customer experience for Vue Entertainment, LV= and Shop Direct, and creating one of the most globally-recognized campaigns of the decade for Most recently, he worked with Danny Boyle to bring to life his esteemed World War One centenary project. 

Product Manager, EPAM Europe

Rachel is a Product Manager who specializes in artificial intelligence and chatbots. Her background is in financial services, where she has over 10 years of experience. More recently, she’s worked within the hospitality, telecoms and travel industries. She is passionate about agile development, design thinking, lean product management and cultivating a growth mindset.   

Mike Jessick
Head of Experience Consulting & Design, EPAM APAC

Mike runs EPAM’s Experience Consulting & Design practice across Asia where he helps large businesses keep pace with our rapidly-changing world by designing new ways for customers to interact with their brand and services through web, mobile and wearable interfaces. To help businesses become more agile and customer-centric, he focuses on new business design, improving company culture, enhancing the employee experience and implementing new tools that ultimately allow them to scale and become more efficient. 

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