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Finding a Netflix-like Unicorn in EdTech

Finding a Netflix-like Unicorn in EdTech

As entertainment subscription models gain popularity, we want to see if we can create an EdTech model that’s just as successful.

In this webinar, we discuss how these five components of the entertainment subscription model can be translated to EdTech.

Watch a sneak peek of the webinar below:

Watch the webinar now to learn how you can transform your business and stay competitive in an emerging consumer market. 

Meet the experts

Dmitry Krasovskiy
Ph.D., is a visionary EdTech professional and Head of Education & Learning Services at EPAM Systems

He received his PhD at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a leading European technology university. After starting his career in computer game development, he moved to online gaming and for the last 20 years, has worked with the EdTech community to help companies transition from print to digital. Dmitry has been a professor of Computer Science for many years and has always been a big proponent of online digital education.

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