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Shopping at the Edge: Solving for Infinite Customer Experience Journeys

Gone are the days of the traditional product discovery funnel. With social commerce, email, text, native apps, in-store experiences and marketplaces, customers are interacting with your brand in an infinite number of ways.

Watch as Alison Williams, Business Development Director at Amplience, hosts a panel discussion on digital commerce with Adam Sturrock, VP Product Marketing at Amplience; John Evans, Senior Director, Demand Generation at Akeneo; Gaëtan Gachet, Chief Strategy Officer at Algolia; and Matt Bradbeer, MACH Business Lead and Client Partner at EPAM. The panel will look at the best ways to build your digital commerce program to ensure your customers are getting a consistent brand experience across every touchpoint before diving into a live Q&A discussion.

Key discussion highlights include:

  • A real-life scenario of the modern-day product discovery flow
  • How to avoid cracks in your customer experience using composable commerce
  • A deep review of product data and an explanation of why it’s important
  • Why your digital architecture can affect far more than customer experience
  • A Q&A session with the expert panel

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