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The Future of Money: A Deep Dive on CBDCs & Stablecoins

The Future of Money: A Deep Dive on CBDCs & Stablecoins

Central  banking digital currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins are poised to disrupt and revolutionize financial services through their potential for ground-breaking transformation.

Watch EPAM’s experts, Alistair Brown, VP, Open Banking and Payments, and Michael Nelhams, Senior Director, Open Banking and Payments, as well as Sasha Pitkevich, Head of Blockchain, explore the world of CBDCs and their profound implications for the finance industry.

In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • CBDCs and how they differ from other types of cryptocurrency
  • What the implementation of CBDCs means for retail and institutional customers 
  • How CBDCs might impact the financial network, including governments, central banks, commercial banks and FinTech providers
  • An in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of adopting CBDCs and the role of central banks in this process 
  • The future of commercial banks • Cross-country payments 
  • The future of CBDCs and the potential impact of widespread adoption 

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