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Five Keys to Delivering Groundbreaking Results with Intelligent Automation

Stas Chulsky

Senior Manager, Intelligent Automation Consulting

Tomasz Balcerek

Director, Account Management
White Paper

Intelligent Automation. Hyperautomation. Robotic Process Automation. Machine Learning. There are many buzzwords in the market, but how are these technologies making an impact?

Developing truly fast-paced, dynamic and interconnected teams–that are enabled by technology, instead of the other way around–is the ultimate goal. The power of intelligent automation is in unlocking the ‘future workplace’ where decisionmakers are empowered to do what they do best in near real time.

As ambitious as these outcomes seem, the key to success lies in building a foundation of networked project teams–where people are empowered to implement complex solutions and fulfill requirements in data, strategy and measurement, methodology, knowledge and user experience. Instead of focusing on the tasks themselves, it is important to understand how people can perform successfully in these areas. At the heart of it, people are key to making everything work!

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