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Meet Us at World Retail Congress 2023

Since 2007, World Retail Congress has been the premier platform for in-depth research, content and events, driving retail growth and inspiring valuable global connections.

EPAM is proud to be a sponsor of World Retail Congress 2023 and our leaders in retail and CPG will be at the event taking pre-booked meetings to discuss innovations and solutions for the industry.

Also, EPAM and commercetools will be hosting an in-person Executive Roundtable on April 25th at the Arts Hotel Barcelona. Join a small group of peers to discuss in an open format the topic "Adaptive Businesses Composing a Future for the Dynamic Consumer”. The session will be followed by a meal and drinks. Spaces are limited, register here if you would like to join us.

Our experts:

Martin Ryan

VP of Retail, EPAM

Martin is a retail technology executive leading EPAM’s retail client portfolio and has a wealth of experience advising retailers and brands on their technology strategies, software selection and operating models, covering all aspects of retail, ecommerce and D2C business models and operations. 

Alex Van Gestel

VP of Consumer Goods, EPAM

Alex is a growth-driven chief marketing officer and digital business leader with extensive commercial management, integrated communications and tech-led transformation experience. For the past 25+ years, Alex has worked at the intersection of technology and consumer innovation, leading global brands for Fortune 500 companies, marketing services groups and global creative networks and currently leads the Consumer Goods and Luxury industry vertical for EPAM from London.

Pierre Kremer

Head of Retail & CPG Portfolio, Digital Engagement Practice, EPAM

A seasoned digital transformation and eCommerce expert, Pierre focuses on developing brand and consumer led Go-To-Market and growth strategies across D2C, eRetail, Social Commerce and Marketplaces. He is a true-hybrid and out-of-the-box thinker with a deep understanding of digital transformation, customer and brand experience, MarTech, media, data, and brand which allows him to apply creative solutions to client problems.


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