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Headless Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore Experience Commerce™


Fast Facts​

More and more organizations have been choosing Sitecore for eCommerce. Until now, however, an open source turnkey solution to fully decouple Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9 from the front-end website has not been available. EPAM’s newly upgraded Headless Commerce Accelerator saves businesses time, effort and money on Sitecore development while implementing the latest technology trends.

Benefit & Value

Designed as a reference implementation for a scalable B2C Sitecore Commerce ecosystem, the accelerator:

  • Increases operational efficiencies by using a JavaScript Services (JSS)-based headless eCommerce site
  • Empowers productivity from day one through tested source code that saves teams weeks of development time
  • Allows front-end JavaScript developers to quickly develop and adjust eCommerce website features independently from Sitecore back-end developers
  • Uses REACT to accelerate the development process with code re-use
  • Provides a professionally branded, custom storefront UI
  • Offers a proven alternative to the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)-based storefront

How It Works

Our Headless Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore Experience Commerce provides the following features and functionality:

  • Product information with tiles, details and variants
  • Order placement with shopping cart and checkout flows
  • Price adjustments and promotional codes
  • Search filters and navigation for product categories
  • User sign-in and profile creation

The accelerator’s reference architecture is built on Sitecore Experience Platform 9.1 Update-1, Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.1, and Sitecore JSS 11.1.

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