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Agile Professional Development Suite


According to a recent research study by Harvard Business Review, there is an 18% gross margin gap between those organizations that have mastered digital transformation and those that haven’t, and that gap is rapidly growing. Business leaders know this. And yet, most companies feel unprepared for this change.

With the right professional development for your leaders and teams, successful digital transformation is attainable. Partnering with EPAM’s Agile Professional Development Practice helps you ensure greater speed and success in digital transformation.

In 25 years of helping companies navigate the digital revolution, EPAM has worked with hundreds of clients across thousands of new product designs and digital transformation projects. Unlike the abstract teaching of academic groups or the theoretical advice of large consulting firms, EPAM’s approach to digital transformation is grounded in real-world experience and our engineering DNA. Our agile professional development suite offers:

  • Bespoke professional development programs tailored to your organizational needs, not off-the-shelf courses
  • Highly interactive, time-efficient learning experiences for busy professionals
  • Courses exploring the most groundbreaking technologies, including open source, APIs, big data, cloud and more, to help you keep up with ever-changing digital landscape
  • Dedicated learning streams created for different personas within your organization, ranging from digital product & engineering leaders to engineering & product teams to digital transformation business leaders

Download the brochure to learn more about the details and benefits of rolling out our agile professional development suite of learning experiences to your teams and leaders.

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