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EngX Recreational Program

Fostering strong intra-team relationships through an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

Your employees can make or break your business’s bottom line.

It’s imperative to ensure employees have the support they need to grow, thrive and drive positive outcomes. Do you understand the true cost attributed to employee turnover for your organization? When you prioritize meaningful work, clear expectations, caring and inspiring leaders and an inclusive, supportive community, your employees will be dedicated to staying on your team and performing at new levels of excellence.

Our Recreational Program enhances soft skills and fosters a healthy engineering culture, transforming work groups into stronger teams with higher retention and creating a positive impact on your talent expenses and the products you deliver. We leverage proven IP to measure and analyze your current state.



Decrease in burnout score thanks
to a more inclusive environment



Increase in employee satisfaction index
due to improved safety and trust


Reduction in voluntary attrition rate
due to improved relationships

These statistics represent averages and may vary; figures depicted here were collected from internal projects.

How We Work

with You

Research & Analysis

We assist you in examining intra-team interactions that are essential for establishing a secure and nurturing work environment, providing an in-depth understanding of your team's requirements.

Recreational Cycle

We create a customized team building and training program for your team. This program consists of a series of 24 exercises, which can be readily adjusted to align with your delivery processes. 

Long-Term Plan

We provide a sustainable, long-term recreational plan for your team after completing the core part of the program.

Coding Events

We organize a series of coding events and train a member of your team to conduct them moving forward, providing unlimited access to our platform with technical support.  

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