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EPAM SharePoint Connector: Building Spotfire Functionality into SharePoint to Enable Real-Time Project Status Updates

Case Study
  • Energy & Utilities

When a leading global energy company was struggling to provide real-time project status updates for the development of products for its offshore oil platform, it partnered with EPAM to unify and visualize disparate data sources related to various projects.

To solve the problem, a seamless connection was required between the data stored on SharePoint lists and the Spotfire data visualization platform. EPAM implemented its SharePoint Connector to sync the data stored in multiple lists on SharePoint to Spotfire’s software to make information tracking and project status updates more transparent and instantaneous for the client.

Key Challenges

  • Syncing data between Microsoft SharePoint and TIBCO Spotfire
  • Unifying disparate data sources and visualizing them
  • Producing an all-in-one project overview dashboard for the client’s project managers

solution highlights

Overall, the SharePoint Connector makes it easy to manage multiple projects in parallel with an easy-to-digest summary page. The client is able to:

  • Track status of projects managed on SharePoint through SharePoint lists or Excel files that are embedded in Spotfire dashboards
  • Handle dependencies and relations within SharePoint inside Spotfire reports through SharePoint List IDs
  • Quickly build lightweight project management reports using live data from SharePoint without data transformation
  • Refresh project status automatically
  • Leave comments within the dashboard, which simplifies and accelerates collaboration

Furthermore, as they contain consolidated charts and KPIs, the overview dashboards can also serve as a base to compare the results of all projects in one place.

The Results

With the EPAM SharePoint Connector, the client’s project managers now have the following advantages:

  • Ability to switch between dashboard and SharePoint seamlessly with one click, which accelerates decision-making processes like approving pending requests
  • Automatic data integration and refresh, which saves valuable time for project managers and business analysts
  • Quick project overview, which increases transparency over project management
  • Easily manageable report access
  • Increased cooperation and teamwork as a result of collaboration capabilities within the dashboard

With a flawlessly executed solution by EPAM, the client’s design assurance process has been fully upgraded to incorporate Spotfire data dashboards, which now serve as a tool for enhancing project excellence.

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